Unlikely that you haven’t already seen the Ultimate Lean Startup Bundle on AppSumo.  But in case you haven’t, I suggest you go take a look at the bundle Chief Sumo Noah Kagan put together.

With the bundle priced at $42, which includes:  Eric Ries’ upcoming Lean Startups book, The Venture Hacks Bible by Nivi, Hacker Monthly, The CustDev book by Brant Cooper and me, additional chapters to Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah, three chapters of Brad Feld’s and David Cohen’s new book, Running Lean by Ash Maurya, and ebooks based on Andrew Chen’s and Sean Ellis’ respective blogs — the actionable-information-to-dollar-spent ratio approaches ∞.

For only $42.

(If the number 42 doesn’t ring a bell, I suggest viewing this video.)