Minimum Viable Products

Graham, Blank and Ries on MVPs

Three very smart people talking about the same thing from three slightly different angles:

A Quantum of Utility

We advise startups to launch when they’ve added a quantum of utility: when there is at least some set of users who would be excited to hear about it, because they can now do something they couldn’t do before.

-Paul Graham

Minimum Feature Set

The reality is that the minimum feature set is 1) a tactic to reduce wasted engineering hours (code left on the floor) and 2) to get the product in the hands of early visionary customers as soon as possible.

-Steve Blank

Minimum Viable Product

…that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

-Eric Ries

To riff on the above, Brant Cooper and I would only remind you that when thinking about Minimum Viable Products:

…viable is not limited by an external determination of success, but rather is framed by the entrepreneur’s objective (user scale, specific functionality, payment) as measured by specific “currency” (usage, problem solved, money).

-The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development