The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development

Unlikely that you haven’t already seen the Ultimate Lean Startup Bundle on AppSumo.  But in case you haven’t, I suggest you go take a look at the bundle Chief Sumo Noah Kagan put together.

With the bundle priced at $42, which includes:  Eric Ries’ upcoming Lean Startups book, The Venture Hacks Bible by Nivi, Hacker Monthly, The CustDev book by Brant Cooper and me, additional chapters to Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah, three chapters of Brad Feld’s and David Cohen’s new book, Running Lean by Ash Maurya, and ebooks based on Andrew Chen’s and Sean Ellis’ respective blogs — the actionable-information-to-dollar-spent ratio approaches ∞.

For only $42.

(If the number 42 doesn’t ring a bell, I suggest viewing this video.)

Sean asked me to write a guest post to help startups achieve Product-Market Fit since he primarily advises startup after they’ve already reached it (during their transition to high growth businesses). Actually getting to Product-Market Fit is an important topic since the vast majority of startups never get there, making it virtually impossible to drive sustainable growth.

Read the whole thing at Sean’s blog.

Eric Ries had very kind things to say about The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development in a recent blog post:

I wish I’d had a book like this one, to help me figure out how to get started with customer development step-by-step.

Brant and Patrick undertook a difficult challenge: to provide a generally accessible introduction to Customer Development, without diluting its impact or dumbing-down its principles. I think they’ve succeeded.

David Crow of Startup North has also blogged about it:

I bought a copy yesterday based on Eric’s recommendation. It is a phenomenal resource for learning Customer Development. Patrick and Brant have done a great job writing an understandable how-to guide for using Customer Development and Agile Development in a Lean Startup.

Lastly, some comments over at Hacker News about the book:

This is actually the fastest (other than maybe at a grocery store) I have ever made a purchasing decision. It was under 60 seconds.

Beautifully done.

Very happy to see a 4 steps like book aimed specifically towards startup founders

Wow, this looks gorgeous in fullscreen mode. Can’t wait to start reading :)

I literally said “wow” as I went through the sample. This is a beautifully made PDF and I’ll be sure to buy it soon. Amazing.