Next LeanLA Meetup & Henry Ford

I really should update my blog more often — but, until I do….

1) If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come by the next LeanLA meetup and see Jason Calacanis interview Eric Ries.  All attendees also get a copy of the The Lean Startup.  You should RSVP ASAP.

2)  I wrote an article that kind people at Harvard Business Review blog deemed fit enough to publish. My takeaway — it doesn’t really matter where your “vision” comes from (divine inspiration or customer feedback) — but you probably should check it against reality.  Henry Ford’s steadfast adherence vision to his vision served him well initially, when he found “Product-Market Fit” with the Model T, but when the markets changed, his vision no longer resembled reality.  Read the whole thing on HBR.  (Thanks to Brant Cooper, Eric Ries, Ben Yoskovitz, Sean Murphy & Steve Cheney for reading drafts and giving me their thoughts.  Much appreciated.)

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