The Marketer’s Conceit

In tech startups, The Marketer’s Conceit is thinking that:

a) you only have one chance to ‘make a good first impression’

b) your ‘brand’ matters (usually conflated with your logo)

Until your startup has significant momentum and traction, your brand doesn’t matter — and The Marketer’s Conceit shouldn’t keep you from aggressive experimentation.

A quick test to see if a ‘brand matters’ is to imagine the business in question shutting down operations permanently and then asking yourself, “Would anyone buy that company just for the brand?”

The answer for organizations like Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson is “Of course, someone would.”

For the vast majority of tech startups, the answer is “No way”.

Marketers, most of the engineers you know have the same hang-up, just other side of the same coin with The Engineer’s Conceit.


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