The #SXSW Lean Challenge

So, I am heading off to SXSW today – I will be speaking in a Core Conversation titled “Conference Startups: Grassroots Innovation Rocking the Event World“.  I will be staying with my friend Noah — you might know Noah as Chief Sumo of App Sumo.

Noah looks just like this.  (I swear to you, he does.)

Noah won’t let me stay at his place unless I tell you about two things:

1)  The Lean Startup Bundle

The value is outrageous.  Essentially, $6,000. worth of startup goodies for a measly $99.  (I know that some of you out there spend more than that on gourmet coffee at places like Epicenter Cafe, Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia in a week.  (I know I do.)  Go check it out.

2)  The Lean Startup Challenge

This is even better.  If you buy The Lean Startup Bundle and then write a blog post about why your startup is “Lean” you could +$130,000 worth of investment, schwag and mentoring.

► $70,000 from “500 Startups” (Full disclosure: I am a mentor there.)
One $50,000 investment, access to the 500 Startups incubator program and two $10,000 seed investments from the fine folks at 500 Startups.

► $50,000 & incubation from Band of Angels and Pivotal Labs
A $50,000 investment from BoA and office space, agile and lean development advice, a Pivotal Inception (two day deep dive on product planning) and help hiring from Pivotal Labs.

► $10,000 of testing services from uTest
$10,000 in functional, usability and/or load testing for your web or mobile apps.

► $8 000 Recurring Billing Services
Two 12 month plans with Chargify that will allow you to automate billing and payments for up to 200 users plus advice on subscription services from the industry experts behind Chargify

► $10 000 in hosting
Six months of cloud-based hosting for your application up to $10k in resources plus an architectural consultation from EngineYard’s crack team of engineers.

► $1,000 Twilio Voice & SMS Credit
$1k in credit from Twilio for the best usage of SMS in your business.

►Eric’s choice
Winner could come to sllconf 2011 as Eric’s guest,and join us at the VIP Speaker’s Dinner

► The AppSumo + BizSpark Avalanche

This gigantic bundle includes:

* Fast-tracked BizSpark membership
* Microsoft Xbox and a Kinect (Worth entering just for the Xbox/Kinect combo alone, IMO)
* $250 credit towards AppSumo
* 5 appsumo SXSW bundles
* 1 year membership to AppSumo Action Videos
* $300 in voice and/or SMS services from Twilio
* $300 credit on 99designs
* $1,000 credit on Heroku
* 1 lean launch guide
* 1 year of Dropbox
* Free year of server monitoring from CloudSpace
* 500 stickers by

► Time with our mentors
The ten best posts will get matched to the Lean Startup mentors. They will provide personalized feedback on your business and help the winners any way they can. There are some world-class and well-known talents in this group. (Yep, I am one of those mentors but probably not considered world-class nor well-known.)

Summa summarum, go buy The Lean Startup Bundle and then write a blog post about your startup to enter the The Lean Startup Challenge.

You can thank me later and Noah will now let me stay at his place in Austin.

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